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Journée pour la lutte contre la Pauvreté avec l'International Federation of Social Workers

la Fédération Internationale du Travail Social dont fait partie l'ANAS participe à la journée du 17 Octobre pour la lutte contre la Pauvreté...

Journée pour la lutte contre la Pauvreté avec l'International Federation of Social Workers
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty October 17, 2007

L'ANAS membre de la FITS est partie prenante à cette journée. Le secrétaire Général de la FITS rappelle que depuis plus d'un siècle les travailleurs sociaux ont cet objectif de lutte pour éradiquer la pauvreté.

Actuellement plus de 500 000 travailleurs sociaux membres de la FITS par l'intermédiaire de leur association mènent ce combat à travers le Monde.

La FITS se fait un Point d'Honneur de mener un Programme Social qui va toujours dans ce sens.

le communiqué de la FITS :

For social work, poverty alleviation is a front line issue. Since professional social work was established some hundred years ago, working with and on behalf of the poor has been a main focus, be it in community development or with families and individuals.

When the international community turns its attention to poverty October 17 on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, social workers around the world join the efforts.

We seek more social justice for those affected by poverty, constituting half of the world's population, of which 40 % live on less than 1 US Dollar a day: People frequently hungry, lacking safe drinking water, unable to afford education for their children, often without shelter and inadequate clothing.

But poverty is not only an issue in the developing countries, also in the more affluent countries many live in relative poverty.

The gap between those who have and those who don't must be addressed, not least to prevent that the between 40 and 50 million children in these countries face the same deprivation as their parents.

Poverty is often an issue of being in control of the life of oneself and one's family. If change to the better is going to take place, it must happen with people and not for them. People living in poverty should be viewed as agents of change, as owners of their own development possibilities.

But the circumstances must allow this to happen, and resources must be made available through a partnership for development - within as well as across national boundaries.

The International Federation of Social Workers, representing half a million social workers in 84 countries around the globe, urge the world's leaders to focus their attention and resources to contribute in making the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals a reality.

It is a question of political will to create a world where people are not longer condemned to a life in poverty.

We will as a profession continue and enforce our commitment to work towards eradicating poverty. Also the social work efforts should be enhanced through methods and skills development, innovation and partnerships.

Tom Johannesen
Secretary General
International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)
PO Box 6875
Schwarztorstrasse 22
CH-3001 Berne
Tel (41) 31 382 6015
Fax (41) 31 382 1125

Mardi 16 Octobre 2007


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